"The Particle Model Explains the Double Slit Experiment"

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Central Mystery of Quantum Mechanics

The central mystery of Quantum Mechanics comes from the results of the double slit experiment. Scientists conclude that light is both a wave and a particle. This is called Wave/Particle Duality and it is difficult to explain. How can light be both at the same time? Jim Al-Kalili released an excellent video explaing the double slit experiment and its problems. [1]] This paper uses the Particle Model to explain each part of the experiment.

Light and the Interference Pattern

Figure 1: Interference Pattern using light and the Double Slit Experiment

REF: http://boomeria.org/physicslectures/secondsemester/light/propertieslight/properties.html

When sending monochromatic light through a double slit screen, the light arrives at the target screen showing a pattern of bright vertical bars separated by dark bars. This interference pattern is easily explained using the addition and subtraction of sine waves. That's just math, not physics.

Al-Kalili then shows how sand being poured through two slits, will generate two piles of sand. These two ideas seem disconnected, but Al-Kalili then shows how these effects occur when shooting electrons at the two slit screen.

Stream of Electrons

Although Al-Kalili calls them atoms, it seems more likely that an electron gun is used to send streams of electrons to the double slit screen. Since electrons are particles, the result on the target screen should be two bars separated by one dark bar. Instead there is an interference pattern on the target screen. Individual particles should not do that. The electron is behaving like a wave?

Streams of G1 Particles

The Particle Model suggests that the G1 replaces the electron, the photon, and the graviton. Light is a stream of G1 particles and the electron gun sends a stream of G1 particles. The physics behind the movement of light or electrons through the slit and to the target is the same. So it doesn't matter whether light or electrons are sent to the screen, it is still the G1 particle.

G1 Particles Bend

Figure 2: G2 Gravity bends the G1 as it passes though the slits

G2 gravity can change the velocity and direction of a G1 particle as it moves. There is a G2 gravity field around all objects including the double slit screen. Since the G1 replaces light and the electron, it doesn't matter what is being sent through the slit, they will bend according to the G2 force field around the screen.

Wave Particle Duality Detector