'New Energy' and Hodowanec's Rhysmonic Cosmology

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Scientific Paper
Title \'New Energy\' and Hodowanec\'s Rhysmonic Cosmology
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Author(s) Bill Ramsay
Keywords New Energy, Hodowanec, Rhysmonic Cosmology
Published 1999
Journal Journal of New Energy
Volume 4
Number 2
No. of pages 16
Pages 137-147

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Four decades ago-then employed and now retired-research physicist Gregory Hodowanec (pronounced Hoe-doe-wahn-eck) began his thinking about and conceptualizing of a new cosmology. One which did not then and does not now use as a starting point, as other approaches seem to, an obsession with 'unifying' the various 'forces'; forces which became separate and apart not because that is the way they occur in nature but simply because that is the way they were perceived by the prominent practitioners of the also separate and apart, fragmented, sciences. After reading an aside in a reprint of Max Planck's THEORY OF HEAT RADIATION, Hodowanec decided that author's suggestion that his derived Universal Constants could be used as Universal Natural Units had the potential to form a new cosmological perception of the workings of this universe at the most fundamental, causative, level. The level at which resides the prime moving force which results in the structure, the fabric, out of which all else that is is crafted. Indeed an ambitious undertaking by Hodowanec! But not one without many encouraging confirmations on this decades long journey; some from his and others hands-on experiments and some from theoretical excursions; that in fact there were many, many artifacts attesting to the actual existence of such. Some of these artifacts were implicit in, if not usually seen, the findings of the many, many conventional sciences practitioners. Some were to be experienced first hand, if often ignored, in the daily lives of all, scientist or not, as those considered 'mystics' have, over the eons, tried to convey.

The heart of this paper is Hodowanec' s most recent, and possibly last, detailed "Cosmology Note;" the last in a series of many over the years sent to a handful of interested colleagues. It was his intention when he composed it and mine in offering it here that sane will find some inspiration here. I urge the reader to approach the reading and consideration of both the content and spirit with an open and uncluttered mind, one which might find in this the beginnings of new insights and understandings; perhaps even some practical applications? What can it hurt to look carefully and see?