'On Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies' is Based on Trickeries

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Scientific Paper
Title \'On Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies\' is Based on Trickeries
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Author(s) Mohammad Shafiq Khan
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Published 2012
Journal None
Volume February 2012
Number 43
No. of pages 2
Pages 6694- 6695

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The article ?On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies' by Albert Einstein (1905) is based on trickeries. The Voigt transformation was simply a mathematical possibility which was changed by Lorentz by introducing the Lorentz factor but the Lorentz factor is not real; has been shown in the article Mohammad Shafiq Khan (2012). Thus nature and forces in nature were trivialized and made subservient to mathematics in the theories of relativity, Big Bang Theory, Space-time concept and in all physical sciences which are directly or indirectly based on the ?On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies'. It is unfortunate for humanity that exposing these trickeries took more than one hundred years.