A Challenge to Coulomb's Law: Implications for Gravity and Matter Structure

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Scientific Paper
Title A Challenge to Coulomb\'s Law: Implications for Gravity and Matter Structure
Author(s) Jaroslav J Kopernicky, William L Hughes
Keywords Coulomb's Law, Gravity, Matter, Structure
Published 2004
Journal Galilean Electrodynamics
Volume 16
Number 5
Pages 63-90


"Yet we cannot rest satisfied until the deeper unity between the gravitation and electrical properties of the world is apparent" - Sir Arthur Eddington. "Universal gravitation is merely a residual phenomenon of electrical attraction and repulsion" - Michael Faraday.

Any idea that attractive and repulsive forces are of even slightly different magnitude flies in the face of Coulomb's law. But experiments with magnets have tended to support such an idea. This paper reports on an ongoing research program in which a past GED author has been joined by his then-reviewers to carry on with the idea and really explore its ramifications.

  • Portions also printed in Proceedings of the NPA, V1, N1, pp. 49-56 (2004).