A Compendium of Electrogravitational Work for the Years 2009-2010

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Scientific Paper
Title A Compendium of Electrogravitational Work for the Years 2009-2010
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Author(s) Jerry E Bayles
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Published 2010
Journal None
No. of pages 35

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Several decades ago it occurred to me that all matter at the fundamental quantum level was refreshed from one basic moment to the next by energy pulses from what I call energy space, the same energy space that created the original Big Bang event. The reason for this viewpoint was arrived at by considering the case of two photons in parallel travel and able to observe each other. Photon A observes photon B as standing still and photon B observes Photon A as standing still since both are traveling at the same speed. Not having read about Maxwell's equations that proved they must be traveling at the velocity of light, they both conclude that they are not moving at all since they are the only matter in an otherwise empty universe. Photons A and B may also conclude that they have 'rest' mass since they do not seem to be moving and yet they do have energy related to their frequency. In fact, since there is no other matter, the concept of 'universe' has little or no physical meaning.

This led me to conclude that particles with rest mass may also regard the rest of the physical universe as nonexistent in a non-local sense since their Compton parameters of wavelength and time depend on the speed of light also. That is, all particles with rest mass see all other particles with rest mass as nonmoving in the non-local sense even though a local space observer may see relative motion between particles with rest mass. This requires more than one universe. The non-local primordial universe would be devoid of distance and time and be composed of pure energy that could be metered out to the local space particles via their centers of Compton wavelength which serves as an interface for non-local space to local space. Without the input from energy space, no change in momentum in local space quanta could ever occur.