A Detailed ?Wesley Evaluation' of the Pappas-Moyssides Experiments on Ampere's Bridge Compared to Jonson's Evaluation Using Coulomb's Law and the Special Relativity Theory

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Scientific Paper
Title A Detailed ?Wesley Evaluation\' of the Pappas-Moyssides Experiments on Ampere\'s Bridge Compared to Jonson\'s Evaluation Using Coulomb\'s Law and the Special Relativity Theory
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Author(s) Jan Olof Jonson
Keywords Force between electric currents, Ampere?s law, Coulomb?s law, Special Relativity Theory, Lorentz transformation, Lorentz Force
Published 2010
Journal None
No. of pages 56

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In this paper it is described how Ampere's Force Law can be applied to Ampere?s Bridge. A detailed derivation based upon a paper by Wesley has been done. The results are questioned by Jonson, who promotes the usage of Coulomb's Law. He thereby applies the Special Relativity Theory and also takes into account the effects of propagation delay. Both proposals can account for asymptotic properties of Amp?re's law. Finally, the law usually being used in order to predict forces between electric currents, the so-called Lorentz force, fails completely to predict the properties of the force.