A Few Simple Tests to Evaluate 'Rhysmonic Cosmology' Concepts, as Proposed by Gregory Hodowanec in 1985

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Scientific Paper
Title A Few Simple Tests to Evaluate \'Rhysmonic Cosmology\' Concepts, as Proposed by Gregory Hodowanec in 1985
Author(s) Bill Ramsay
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Published 2008
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A brief review of 'Rhysmonic Cosmology' is provided; more descriptive information is available on internet. Those concepts were built upon basic concepts of substratum particles called 'rhysmons' which have only size, shape, position and structure. The word 'rhysmon' stems from the Greek word designating atom, 'rhysmos', which meant 'evermoving'. Rhysmons provide the elementary quantum of action, and in turn, intertwine in a matrix structure to form the vacuum. That structure is said to explain forces or fields, particles or mass, charge, and other phenomena such as the constant velocity of light, superluminal motion and galaxy formations. Some simple tests by this author may provide a little confirmation -- but much more experimental work remains to be done. This paper is 'in absentia'; but some tapes of the author's experimental audio test results will be available at the 2008 conference in Albuquerque, NM.

Paper never written.