A Modified Lorentzian Ether Theory

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Scientific Paper
Title A Modified Lorentzian Ether Theory
Author(s) Ronald R Hatch
Keywords Lorentzian Ether, Aether
Published 2000
Journal Infinite Energy
Volume 7
Number 39
Pages 14-23


The author has developed a "Modified Lorentzian Ether Theory" (MLET). which he has also referred to as an "Ether Gauge Theory" (BGT). A brief logical development of MLET is presented, with each step in the development constrained by experiment. MLET provides a logical and easily understood alternative to both the "Special Relativity Theory" (SRT) and the "General Relativity Theory" (GRT). The new theory is particularly significant for its description of a simple mechanism for both the gravitational force and for inertia. Once the theory is developed, experiments either in work or newly suggested are described which should either support or refute the new theory.