A Modified Newtonian Treatment of Gravity

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Scientific Paper
Title A Modified Newtonian Treatment of Gravity
Author(s) William F Wolff
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Published 2002
Journal Galilean Electrodynamics
Volume 13
Number 3
Pages 55-58


A recently proposed structure of ground-state hydrogen has the atom rotating at the frequency of its magnetic hyperfine transition. In conjunction with the weakest of the three electromagnetic forces given by an amended equation for the Lorentz force, this rotation adequately accounts for the gravitational attraction of ground-state hydrogen atoms. The electromagnetic equation for this attractive force has now been extended, at least empirically, to all atomic matter. According to this treatment, the force of gravity is not precisely a central force, and Newton?s law of universal gravitation must be amended accordingly. The modified Newtonian equation thus obtained has been evaluated by means of the three classical tests used to judge Einstein?s general theory of relativity. On this basis, the modified Newtonian treatment appears to provide a satisfactory alternative to Einstein?s geometric approach.