A New Look at the Concept of Force

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Scientific Paper
Title A New Look at the Concept of Force
Author(s) Robert J Heaston
Keywords Force
Published 1983
Journal Speculations in Science and Technology
Volume 6
Number 5
Pages 485-497


A theory, called the generic field theory, has been derived that provides a new mathematical definition of the concept of force that is independent of any phenomenon, including Newton's laws of motion.  The generic definitions are tied to nature through the hypothesis that a force may be defined for every quantity which a field conserves.  Of the eleven forces which are so defined for conserved quantities, the choice of which are fundamental is based upon the further assumption that fundamental forces must be based on fundamental constants.  The resulting redefinition of the four fundamental forces retains the strong, electromagnetic and gravitational interactions.  The weak interaction drops out and is replaced by a new interaction called the quantum interaction.  The four redefined forces possess specific equations as a function of distance which are used to derive over a hundred known relationships of physics and astrophysics.  A number of predictions are also made.  the inclusiveness of the resulting synthesis suggests that the generic field theory is either a powerful mneumonic tool or that it may represent a major step beyond grand unification towards a super unification of forces.