A Non-Expanding, Non-Relativistic Universe

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Scientific Paper
Title A Non-Expanding, Non-Relativistic Universe
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Author(s) Peter Marquardt, Georg Galeczki
Keywords Steady state universe, Hubble's law, Machian relational theory, special relativity
Published 1996
Journal Apeiron
Volume 3
Number 3-4
No. of pages 6
Pages 108-112

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All relativities whether Galileian, Machian, or Einsteinian, are ruled out on both principle and on observational grounds, irrespective of scale. From atoms up to galaxies, matter prefers to rotate, rather than expand. A slightly amended Newtonian gravitation theory, obeying the Third Principle, is able to account for the observed facts. Electromagnetic waves propagate (isotropically) in the fundamental frame of reference defined by the mass-energy distribution of the universe. Thermodynamics is a necessary ingredient in any cosmological theory. There is no cosmological arrow of time.