A Systems View of the Universe as ONE Reality

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Scientific Paper
Title A Systems View of the Universe as ONE Reality
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Author(s) Satya Pal Asija
Keywords System, Reality, Gravity, Astronomy, Origins, Universe, Science, Religion, Metaphysics, ICONS, Aristotle, Galileo, Newton, Darwin, Einstein, [[]]
Published 2011
Journal Proceedings of the NPA
Volume 8
No. of pages 8
Pages 28-35

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This paper and concomitant presentation attempt to arrive at a systems view of the universe as one reality by taking the system approach to the universe which by definition is one (Universe = All that there is). After a few assumptions and definitions, the author postulates that there is but One Reality (One Universe and hence one God also regardless of the name) in spite of billions of perceptions of that reality. Reality ignores man made demarcations of knowledge and expertise. Furthermore this ONE reality is not respecter of the credentials of the person who originates a particular perception and the silo in which it is placed by the society. One reality cannot contain contradictions, it must be harmonious within itself and all perceptions of that reality must be FREE of intra and inter subject and personnel contradictions. For this reason the author takes the liberty of supporting his position by examples from a wide variety of hard sciences including natural philosophy, neuroscience, mathematics, physiology. Considerable emphasis is placed on the issues of ORIGINS of universe, man, gravity, light, time mass etc. Here is but one reality for every man to understand including those with advanced degrees from everyday experiences. The paper also delineates how 3P7S errors have fooled and misled so many for so long. The author treats the cosmos as the Zeroth book of scriptures.