A Unified Theory of Physics from a Newly Discovered Radiation Entropy Law

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Scientific Paper
Title A Unified Theory of Physics from a Newly Discovered Radiation Entropy Law
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Author(s) Ingvar Astrand
Keywords entropy, redshift, quasar, big bang, unified theory
Published 2004
Journal None
No. of pages 3

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This report demonstrates my discovery from 1992 of an entropy law that solves the modern physics' problems and replaces its ad hoc hypotheses by facts and insights from experiments. This awaited unified physics theory is derived from observation of Supernova 1987A, when shock-waves of light expanded in increasing wavelengths, like dilating rings on a pond's surface. I have compared the waves' symmetry of extending lengths with their covered distances and derived a new entropy law formula. As energy in waves of water and light behaves comparable, the size of the galaxies' redshifted spectral-lines can consequently be computed by Hubble's as Doppler-measured velocity/distance-parameter brought into my entropy equation for wave-displacement/distance that reveals a surprising famous but misinterpreted constant, that is the definition of the ENTROPY-CONSTANT that proves that energy is neither quantified or discrete, and reveals the cause and size of THE REDSHIFTS/DISTANCE RATIO: The big bang belief and the quantum question is hereby disproved! Even Pound-Rebka gravitation interpretation of frequency-shift has the true foundation and entropy explanation by this fractional wave dissipation that also explains the "anomalous acceleration" of the space-probes Pioneer 10/11. This simple entropy principle also shows, by integrating Stefan-Boltzmann law and Wien displacement law, that we don't need help hypotheses like black holes to explain "quasars" that are just virtual images of very distant galaxies. The quasars' enormous energies, as it appears by our observations, are explained by the dissipating short-wave emissions that are elongated as redshifted proportional to the distance by the fourth power of the temperature-radiation's difference that is interpreted as z. Entropy dissipates energy towards equilibrium in the universe's supra leading low temperatures, and so causes the microwave radiation. My unifying theory implies the right relativistic transformation that accurate and logical allow addition of the observer's and the light's velocities without limitation of any asymptotic equation. It also explains the misinterpretation of the galaxies' rotation velocities that has led to the dark matter hypothesis. (This abstract is corrected and simplified -- a little -- afterwards).