Absolute Motion and Gravitational Effects

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Scientific Paper
Title Absolute Motion and Gravitational Effects
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Author(s) Reginald T Cahill
Keywords Process Physics, quantum foam, spatial in-flow, [[]]
Published 2004
Journal Apeiron
Volume 11
Number 1
No. of pages 10
Pages 53-111

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The new information-theoretic Process Physics provides an explanation of space as a quantum foam system in which gravity is an inhomogeneous flow of the quantum foam into matter. Here an analysis of date from seven experiments demonstrates that absolute motion relative to space has been observed by Michelson and Morley (1887), Miller (1925/26), Illingworth (1927), Joos (1930), Jaseja et al (1963), Torr and Kolen (1981), and by DeWitte (1991). The Dayton Miller data also reveals the in-flow of space into the sun. The data reveals a new form of gravitational waves, predicted by the new theory of gravity in the accompanying paper "Gravity as Quantum Foam In-Flow".