Action-at-a-Distance: A Key to Homopolar Induction

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Scientific Paper
Title Action-at-a-Distance: A Key to Homopolar Induction
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Author(s) Jorge A Guala-Valverde, Ricardo A Achilles
Keywords Homopolar Induction
Published 2007
Journal Apeiron
Volume 14
Number 3
No. of pages 15
Pages 169-183

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The crucial character of relative motion and Ampeers force law in interpreting homopolar induction was pointed out in recent experimentation performed by us. H. Montgomery suggests the compatibility of that experimental results with Maxwell's field theory. With the purpose of elucidating the applicable rationale this article identifies three independent energy-conversion mechanisms definable within the basic homopolar-machine frame and, hinging on a specially developed finite-element software, introduces an Amperian analysis of associated electro-and ponderomotive effects.