Additions & Corrections to ONE Reality

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Scientific Paper
Title Additions & Corrections to ONE Reality
Author(s) Satya Pal Asija
Keywords Additions, corrections, unified, theory, one, reality, Aristotle, Newton, Einsttein, Galileo, special relativity, laws, motion, first, speed, velocity, acceleration, gravitation, time, dilation, con
Published 2010
Journal None


Corrections to One Reality

  1. Newton's First Law of Motion
    1. At rest should be STOP or Dead-End
    2. Velocity should be acceleration
    3. Universal Law of Gravitation in the denominator should be product of the distances to accommodate and facilitate three or more bodies analysis
  2. Einstein's Special Relativity
    1. Time dilation should be time contraction
    2. Mass increase should be mass reduction
    3. Length contraction should be size/volume contraction
    4. Mass Energy Equation should be cut in half
  3. Galileo's Pendulum Formula should include mass term such that
    1. T = 2 Pai [(l+m)/g]1/2
  4. Corrections to interpretation, Interpolation & extrapolation of Genesis
    # What God did on first two days of creation (Gen.1:1-8) why and how
    1. The great flood geology and source of water

# Corrections to Mathematics especially zero and infinity as synonyms

Additions to One Reality

  1. Universal Relationship Law comparable in scope to Newton's Universal Gravitation Law in terms of its potential contribution to our understanding of our universe.
  2. Four Novel Quintuplets
    # Hearing (Ear + Sound Source + Medium + Information + Brain)
    1. Vision (Eye + Object + Light + Information + Brain)
    2. Smell (Source + Medium + Sensors + Transducers + Brain)
    3. Life (Body & Brain + Soul & Mind + Spirit & Intelligence + Entropy & Extropy + Purpose & Plans)

# The "Whole Being"? including Iso & Cross akin to Male & Female

  1. The triple channel
    # Virtual channel
    1. Interventional channel
    2. Environmental Channel (Hybrid of virtual & interventional)

# Some novel couplets and relationship of couplets to famous triplets and Quadruplets and higher order

  1. The Anthroptimum Principle
  2. New Attributes & Properties of the Universe "Everything is a virtual particle" We see everything in Real Time "There are no travelling non-physical waves ( No E-M/light/Gravity waves)" Meaning of CMB "Closed Systems & 2nd Law of Thermodynamics" Black holes as anchors