Alex Ceapa

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Alex Ceapa
Born (1960-12-00)December 0, 1960 Template:Error Template:Error
Died (2006-12-00)December 0, 2006 Template:Error Template:Error
Residence Bucharest, Romania
Nationality Romanian
Known for Special Relativity

"Also in Issue No. 1 [of Proceedings of the NPA, V3 (2006)] is a work of Alex Ceapa, with another in Issue No. 2. Here let me recall a bit about the individual himself. He was actually fairly young, and had recently completed his doctoral work in native Romania. He was an extraordinary fellow, as demonstrated by his wilingness to make an appearance anywhere in the United States for any NPA meeting, arriving there we knew not how. He seemed to have a sense of urgency about him. His mission was to alert the free world to technological opportunities not yet discovered and exploited, due to various misunderstandings having been built into our collective narrative about the development of twentieth century physics. His sense of urgency was more apt than he knew at first. He developed a cancer that usually comes later in life and usually does not kill, but for him it came early and virulent, and now he is gone from us. The double tragedy was that he was preceded in death by his fiance, who had also developed an early and virulent cancer." - Cynthia K. Whitney, Proceedings of the NPA, V3, N1, p. 82 (2006)