Ampere Electrodynamics

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Scientific Paper
Title Ampere Electrodynamics
Author(s) Peter Graneau, Neal Graneau
Keywords Amperian current element, Ampere force, electrodynamic impulse pendulum, exploding wires, far action, Lorentz force, railguns, straight-through mercury channel
Published 1993
Journal Electric Spacecraft Journal
Number 10
Pages 20-24


Peter and Neal Graneau present some strong experimental and theoretical arguments for the validity of Ampere?s electrodynamics and Newton?s action-at-a-distance, in place of the current-day ?field? concepts. They are certainly eminently qualified to question such issues. Peter Graneau has given ESJ permission to extract portions from Newton versus Einstein. This article presents excerpts from the chapter, ?Fact and Fiction in Electrodynamics.?