An Angular Momentum Synthesis of ?Gravitational? and ?Electrostatic? Forces

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Scientific Paper
Title An Angular Momentum Synthesis of ?Gravitational? and ?Electrostatic? Forces
Author(s) Vivian Pope, Anthony D Osborne
Keywords conservation, angular momentum, holistic, Newton, gravitation, orbital motion, Mach, normal realism, two-body, spin, kinetic energy, quantum, Bohr, charge, electrodynamic, field-forces
Published 2003
Journal Galilean Electrodynamics
Volume 14
Number S1
Pages 9-19


We believe that in their first flushes of inspiration, what practical physicists such as Newton, Faraday and Coulomb conceived as in vacuo ?forces? of ?gravitation?, ?magnetism? and ?electrostatics? were not meant to be fixed-for-all-time philosophical statements as to what the world is or how it works. We think that these were no more than convenient working hypotheses as to how to deal practically with certain observational and experimental measures. Accordingly, we suggest that these postulated ?forces? of static interaction held responsible for the orbital motions of particles on the micro- as well as the macro-physical levels, may now usefully be replaced by a common factor, angular momentum, which is shown to be sufficient in itself to explain orbital motion. In doing this, we extend and clarify ideas encapsulated in our previous papers concerning angular momentum. This leads us to predict certain measurable physical effects associated with spinning bodies.