An Orogenic Model Consistent with Earth Expansion

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Scientific Paper
Title An Orogenic Model Consistent with Earth Expansion
Author(s) [[]]
Keywords plate, tectonics theory, orogenic model, Earth expansion, constant radius, geological time, lithospheric compression
Published 1994
Journal None
Pages 287-294


Since the dawn of plate-tectonics theory, almost 30 years ago, a vaste amount of evidence has accumulated that has continuously necessitated correction of its paradigms. Anyhow, the basic principle - subduction on a constant-radius Earth - remained unaltered being assumed by the majority of Earth scientists. Still there is a little community of 'heretics' who question the unanimously accepted 'truth', the more so as, until now, there has been no peremptory proof either in favour or against a constant-radius Earth through geological time. It is beyond the scope of this paper to provide evidence in favour of Earth expansion. What we shall try to show is that orogeny may well be understood without any implication of subduction and with only subordinate participation of lithospheric compression. Yet, we are aware that beside direct evidence this is what the Earth expansion hypothesis needs most in order to increase its credibility.