Anti-Gravity from Finland (No Doubts About It)

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Scientific Paper
Title Anti-Gravity from Finland (No Doubts About It)
Author(s) Martin Holwerda
Keywords Antigravity
Published 1997
Journal New Energy News
Volume 4
Number 9
Pages 14


On several occasions I explained that gravity is caused by an excess of horizontal, left-going ether vortices. Horizontal because those that have other angles have more chances of being absorbed by the earth. This is why I immediately saw the link between the Podklednov experiment and my vision on gravity. This was also the reason why in NEN, vol 3, no 3, August 1995, p 12, I defended Bruce Walsh. When Mr. Walsh was young, he witnessed a P.M. based on marbles that among others passed a descending helical path. I then suggested that the track, like the gravity vortex, must have been anti-clockwise as seen from the top. This because, as I then suggested, the marble would be able to absorb more gravity energy. In NEN, vol 2, no 11, March 1995, p 12, 13 and on the same grounds, I defended N.A. Reiter's experiments who, after S. Seike, measured weight losses of ring-shaped electronic circuits. In that article, titled "Space Physical Reality," I introduced the French M. Pages patent, that as a basic component employs an annular chamber...