Autodynamics: Storm in Physics

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Autodynamics: Storm in Physics
Autodynamics: Storm in Physics 607.jpg
Author Ricardo L Carezani
Published 2005
Publisher Society for the Advancement of Autodynamics
Pages 297
ISBN 0966553349

This book was conceived for the technician and layman but without losing any scientific rigor that may be of concern for the professional physicist. The conceptual details of Autodynamics have been considerably expanded upon, not just for clarification, but also to show, as simply as possible, where Einstein's mistakes originate.

Contents: Memory, Foreward, Introduction, "Truth", Introduction to AD and Philosophy, Systems in Relative Motion, Simultaneity, The Neutrino, Universal Gravitation, Big Bang, Gravitational Lens, Compton Effect, Dragging, Sting and Super String Theory, Decay, Faster than Light, Super-Kamiokande: Super-Proof for Neutrino Nonexistence, Lorentz and AD Transformation, SR's Mass Derivation Starting from Momentum, Questions or Unsolved Problems in Physics and Cosmology, A Nobel Laureate, Newton-Einstein Billiard Ball Mechanics, The Principle of Equivalence, Time Dilation.


This book, Storm in Physics (Autodynamics), and essentially the technical book, Autodynamics: Fundamental Basis for a New Relativistic Mechanics, are the culmination of the life work of Dr. Ricardo L. Carezani, a man whose work is built on the solid mathematics and reasoning of Sir Isaac Newton and other giants of physics who existed before "magical science" began to be accepted by mainstream physicists.

By "magical science" I mean physics that must resort tocreating "missing" particles and otherwise making adjustments to reality in order to have the science fit the theory. Magical sciences include, but are not limited to, such theories as General Relativity, Special Relativity and String Theory, some of the most entrenched "beliefs" held in scientific circles today.

Carezani's theory, dubbed Autodynamics, has no need for such antics as inventing particles like the neutrino (which, despite all the so-called "evidence" to the contrary, and all the palaver of scientists today, has NOT been found to exist), in order to explain how the universe works.

Dr. Carezani has not needed to create any new postulate or invent a new Theory of Relativity;contrarily, at the center of Dr. Carezani's theory is the correction of Lorentz' misunderstanding of the systems of Relative Motion and Pauli's misunderstanding in applying Einstein's incorrect equations to Decay.

In contrast to gravity as an attracting force inherent in all matter, Newton's historical "fluxion" and fundamentally, Le Sage's "mundane particle," championed later by Luis de Broglie as the "graviton" and taken up by Carezani as the "pico-graviton," creates a "pushing" force by virtue of its traveling through space and striking other bodies or particles.

According to Carezani, pico gravitons make up the majority of particles in space. As these moving pico gravitons meet physical bodies, some of them are absorbed by the particles of these bodies, making the bodies heavier over eons of years. This, essentially, creates a new Celestial Mechanics.

Many questions still unanswered by science today are answered by Autodynamics. These questions are brought up in the DVD on Dr. Carezani's work, Universal Gravitation and Autodynamics. Stripped of the mathematics used in Dr. Carezani's book, the DVD leaves you with a very clear understanding of his work and of the importance of sharing it with the world.

If physics interests you, get a copy of the book, Storm in Physics, and the DVD, Universal Gravitation and Autodynamics. If you're not into math, get the DVD. I recommend both to anyone interested in knowing how the universe really works.

You can order Storm in Physics at or both at or through the Society for the Advancement of Autodynamics at:

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