Ball Lightning: The Great Hopes and the Great Fears

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Ball Lightning: The Great Hopes and the Great Fears
File:Ball Lightning The Great Hopes and the Great Fears 525.gif
Author Kiril B Chukanov
Published 2008
Pages 77

The phenomenon of ball lightning still remains one of the greatest mysteries in the field of the plasma science and electromagnetism. Despite enormous contemporary advancements into the micro-world ? the structure of elementary particles, nuclei, atoms, and the origin, evolution, and structure of the universe, the natural phenomenon of ball lightning, which literally appears right in front of our eyes during a storm or in electrical appliance in our houses, still remains baffling.

But why this interesting phenomenon failed to attract the serious attention of physicists? First, because nobody expects to realize any great benefit for humankind from understanding the nature of ball lightning. A common belief is that the energy of ball lightning is negligible and comes from an external source. Second, to reproduce a natural phenomenon under controlled conditions requires a clear understanding of what, exactly, the natural phenomenon is. So far, modern scientists are not clear about the nature of ball lightning. Observations, not experimentation, remain the only source of information; and these observations are based on statistical analyses of reported sightings of ball lightning by members of the general public. Yet to discover the nature of the ball lightning will require active experiments and new ideas. - From the General introduction


  1. General 1
  2. Tunguska Meteorite 2
  3. Polar Auroras - Natural Quantum Free Energy Accelerators 5
  4. Neutron Stars - Giant Cosmic Ball Lightning 6
  5. What is Ball Lightning 7
  6. The History of Ball Lightning Investigation 19
  7. Ball lightning - Source of Free Quantum Energy 21
  8. Ball Lightning - Theoretical Model 29
  9. Calculations and Technology 37
  10. Quantum Photonic Bomb 54
  11. Photo Gallery 69

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