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[[Category:Scientific Paper|basic electromagnetism unified field theory]]
[[Category:Scientific Paper|basic electromagnetism unified field theory]]
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[[Category:Unified Theory|basic electromagnetism unified field theory]]

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Scientific Paper
Title Basic Electromagnetism (Unified Field Theory)
Author(s) Anatoly A Denisov
Keywords graviton
Published 1999
Journal None
No. of pages 34


This paper is dedicated to information interpretation of electromagnetism, according to which only electric field is real and the rest is artefacts, distortion of field information caused by the motion of interacting charges. This approach allowed to correct and amend the field equation system, correct calculation of kinetic energy density and quantity of the motion of a charge, interaction force of the charges in motion, show the electric nature of gravitation and describe longitudinal electrostrictive waves, i.e. to set up a basic unified field theory as well as to define the mass of neutrino. Neutrino (graviton) mass and radius were calculated.