Beyond Velikovsky: The History of a Public Controversy

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Beyond Velikovsky: The History of a Public Controversy
Beyond Velikovsky: The History of a Public Controversy 1380.jpg
Author Henry H Bauer
Published 1985/1999
Publisher University of Illinois Press
Pages 354
ISBN 025201104X

Since the appearance in 1950 of Worlds in Collision, Immanuel Velikovsky's radical theories of planetary physics have been the center of controversy. "Beyond Velikovky" presents a detailed analysis of the entire Velikovsky affair, conclusively resolves the major misunderstandings and primary arguments between opposing camps, and leads us beyond to a more complete understanding of the scientific process itself. Review: Detailed, thought provoking, and the best yet written on a bizarre episode that continues to smoulder in the annals of science."-Owen Gingerich, Nature "This fair minded and lucid study pinpoints the errors in Velikovsky's theories that other critics have failed to address."-Sci Tech Book News "An exceptional study of the theories and criticisms of Immanuel Velikovsky... A thoroughly scholarly and fair-minded work that should serve as an example to others concerned with anomaly controversies. Highly recommended."- Zetetic Scholar "[A] lucid book on an important topic, and one that provides much food for thought on the workings of the scientific community and the way in which its members respond to attacks on their beliefs by outside groups." - Robert W. Smith, Isis ADVANCE PRAISE "A very valuable contribution to the literature on a major controversy of great psychological and sociological importance."-Robert Jastrow, former director, NASA Institute for Space Studies "Bauer's remarkable book will be viewed, even by the Velikovskians, as a great improvement over previous critical studies."-Marcello Truzzi, former director, Center for Scientific Anomalies Research. - Amazon

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