Caloris Mercury Crater

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Scientific Paper
Title Caloris Mercury Crater
Author(s) Karl Teppo
Keywords Mercury, magnetism
Published 2008
Journal None


The spider feature is indeed caused by outward pressure from within the inner core of Mercury, which in my theory is from a zero K neutron embryo core, a relic from a previous 'Eon Cycle' of the Universe. I feel sure of this because of the active magnetic field, also common to the Sun, where the faster spin of the neutron core creates a differential rotation. Top Down element evolution is contrary to the now accepted Bottom Up accretion theory. The missing matter belongs to the previous Eon Cycle whose remnants are still active, especially in the core of all bodies having a magnetic field! The theory of ad hoc sloshing molten iron flow cores can now be discarded. The postulated 80% of the missing matter belonging to the cold Eon Cycle is now found, by accepting the Top Down era is a brief period for us in the Sun!