Cameron Mercer

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Cameron Mercer
Cameron Mercer
Born (1992-09-23)September 23, 1992
Residence Wake Forest, NC, United States
Nationality American
Known for Ivor Catt
Scientific career
Fields Student/Researcher

Hailing from Charlotte NC, I have been interested in the sciences for as long as I could read. The lack of depth present in formal education compelled me to augment my education on the side, with great success. I have since expanded my studies to include philosophy, with a focus on critical thinking tools like the Socratic Method and Dialectic. I have no formal secondary education, opting instead to stick with the more versatile, efficient, and robust method of self teaching. Upon a chance encounter with [/php/people/Forrest_Bishop Forrest Bishop] and [/php/people/Ivor_Catt Ivor Catt] back in 2011, I evaluated Ivor's ideas and signed on as a supporter. Shortly afterwards, Forrest opted to help guide my self-education, and this has now developed into a full mentorship.

I have many other interests, including both composing music and playing it (both piano and guitar), studying economics, and doing various outdoor activities. I also developed an extensive background in programming over 10 years that swelled to include topics like computer engineering, game design, explicit logic flow, and even topics like marketing and presentation (much of it self taught). In the interest of sharing little gems and pro tips that I accumulated, I was extremely active in programming communities and frequently wrote articles sharing the latest techniques and bits I had uncovered (mainly about artificial intelligence, my favorite topic).
I always try to become educated enough on a topic to teach it; I see no point to knowledge if it isn't passed on.