Challenging & Defending the Paradigm of Science

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Scientific Paper
Title Challenging & Defending the Paradigm of Science
Author(s) Satya Pal Asija
Keywords Light, Newton, Einstein
Published 2009
Journal None


This paper and concomitant presentation build upon the theme "There is But ONE Reality". It is continuation and clarification of previous presentations by the author. Some of the topics covered include:

  1. Unique attributes of UVLM (Universal Virtual Light Medium), FTPU (Finite Temporal Physical Universe) and IEVU (Infinite Eternal Virtual Universe)
  2. Gravitation as contact force
  3. Five Way Miracles of Light and Life
  4. Sources of Errors
  5. Corrections to Constants of Nature
  6. Minor corrections to science of such icons of science as Aristotle, Galileo, Sir Isaac Newton and Einstein
  7. 3D or NO D, 3M or NO M, 3T or NO T as basis of Counter-intuitive Dimensional Confusion
  8. GPS works not because of science but in spite of science and it certainly does not vindicate Einstein's Theory of Relativity
  9. 2nd Law of Thermodynamics and the myth of closed systems
  10. Why is Universal Law of Relationships superior to Newton's Universal Gravitation Law
  11. How much does the Universe weigh?
  12. Tripartite half beings each as male or female, or six partite whole being
  13. Doctrine of Triple Channel Equivalence and interchangeability of Interventional, Environmental and Virtual channels
  14. Resolution of paradoxes, such as Twin paradox, Wave Particle duality and more

The author will delineate why ONE Reality is our best hope for achieving "Theory of Everything" and it based upon the premise that truth agrees with truth regardless of its source or label. The paper delineates the challenges of finding and communicating the illusive but common & absolute reality to various communities of science, religion, and paranormal and general public. The task of finding this illusive reality, reaching a consensus and communicating the consensus to all concerned is of Juggernaut proportions. The chances of success are greatly increased by application of faith in science and reason in religion. One technique employed is the use of LCM (Lowest Common Multiple) and HCF (Highest Common Factor) of what is common between science and religion and every truth in between. Another helpful tool is purging of erroneous knowledge especially if it originated from