Close the Greenhouse; an Unknown Sink Regulates Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide

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Scientific Paper
Title Close the Greenhouse; an Unknown Sink Regulates Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide
Author(s) Ingvar Astrand
Keywords greenhouse, carbon dioxide, carbon cycle
Published 2004
Journal None


People are indoctrinated by speculating theoretical scientists that a greenhouse effect is caused by increasing level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, from increasing emission of burned gases from human societies, industries, transportation, from warming of people's houses, offices and shopping centers. Specialized greenhouse meteorologists say that they don't understand the CO2-budget: what is emitted minus what is absorbed by forests and all other known sinks. It seems that all carbon dioxide that human societies produce disappears somewhere. I have solved this important enigma. My study is easy to understand, and it gives us new, surprising, good insights about how the carbon cycle is in balance. Its interesting interaction with the oceans also reveals problematic insights. CCD, the strange calcite-compensation level, is explained: how it is a condition for nutrition on a molecular level for plankton that is food for other lives, in the oceans, and from the oceans. This study of the carbon cycle also explains how carbon dioxide is the foundation for hydro-carbonates. My study demonstrates that Nature does not produce 'fossil fuels' from fossils. We also get a surprising but convincing revelation about how Nature produces the oxygen we breath. Research on exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen, to and from trees and forests, has been made over a year-cycle. It was found that there was no net emission or absorption of those gases that are important for the life on Earth. This shocking revelation is important. It gives us beautiful new insights into Nature, with self-evident explanations.