Configurations and Redshifts of Galaxies

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Scientific Paper
Title Configurations and Redshifts of Galaxies
Author(s) Miroslaw Zabierowski
Keywords configurations, redshifts, galaxies, globulars
Published 1994
Journal None
Pages 37-40


Arp's chains of peculiar objects and Tifft's bands of velocities form an important non-classical part of the subclustering branch in galaxy science, which (this branch) is theoretically and empirically progressive, is not degenerating.

Arp recognized chains of peculiar galaxies which are different from so-called 100 Mpc filaments - they are different also in a sense of procedures which preserve different sets of hypothesis which are not subject to falsification. The branch of Arp's investigations is less connected with the readjusting the long known, old-fashioned (conservative) and "obvious" claiming that galaxies are concentrated into grains as in the case of globulars, film cermets and generally into "things" known from a cermet-like heuristic which comes from the whole tradition of Earth-bound laboratory and technical experience and from the intuitive and Newtonian-Kantian mode of growth of star clumps (Einasto et al., 1989; Grabinska 1983, 1985, 1986, 1988, 1989, 1992, 1993; Grabinska and Zabierowski 1987; Rudnicki 1978; Lachieze-Rey 1986).