Consequences of Founding SRT on the Whole Einstein?s 1905 Paper on Relativity

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Scientific Paper
Title Consequences of Founding SRT on the Whole Einstein?s 1905 Paper on Relativity
Author(s) Alex Ceapa
Keywords Special Relativity, Lorentz transformation
Published 2005
Journal Proceedings of the NPA
Volume 2
Pages 17-20


Most parts of modern physics were built on the special relativity theory (SRT), which was based on Einstein?s 1905 paper on relativity, less the derivation of the Lorentz transformation (LT) in that paper. My recent derivation of the LT [GED 16, pp. 3-11 (2005)] - tracing by light the radius vectors of moving geometrical points - discloses the objective physics warranting the ?mysterious? manipulation of some equations that led Einstein to the LT in 1905. The correctness of that derivation of the LT enables founding SRT on the whole of Einstein?s 1905 paper on relativity. The perennial criticism of the SRT fails. The meaning of Cartesian coordinate that results for the term of the LT [where ], and that of Newtonian time that results for the term (time in which light travels coordinate ), validated the classical principle of the physical determination of equations in SRT [11th Conf. NPA]. By the energy-momentum relationship, the principle is valid in the relativistic quantum theories, too. There results genuine information - condensed in models of ?elementary? particles (electron, photon, etc.) from the terms of their basic equations, which remains to be tested by new experimental techniques and applied to radically novel technologies.