Cosmological Redshift and Light Velocity in Vacuum

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Scientific Paper
Title Cosmological Redshift and Light Velocity in Vacuum
Author(s) Eugene I Shtyrkov
Keywords Doppler effect, cosmological redshift, light velocity, vacuum
Published 1992
Journal Galilean Electrodynamics
Volume 3
Number 4
Pages 66-68


An alternative to the explanation of the redshift by Doppler effect is proposed. Since it has been shown in particle generation by electrtomagnetic interaction and in other examples that a vacuum is not a void, but has a material character, it is reasonable to assume that light waves meet a certain resistance when propagating through vacuum. When a corresponding term is introduced in the wave equation, the solution results in a change of velocity and wavelength, but not in frequency. At the same time there is extinction over very long distances, and this provides a natural explanation of Albers' paradox.