Cosmological Redshift is Caused by Gravitation, Not Doppler Motion

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Scientific Paper
Title Cosmological Redshift is Caused by Gravitation, Not Doppler Motion
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Author(s) Paul Schroeder
Keywords gravity
Published 2008
Journal None
No. of pages 9

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If you accept that cosmological redshift is a Doppler effect indicating motion away, then you must accept the big bang. Any expansion of the universe, when viewed in reverse leads to a starting point. Expansion theory requires a big bang. For this reason claims of flaws in the logic of expansion hold no weight. Ultimately the redshift mechanism must be corrected. The logical cause of cosmological redshift is gravity.</p> Light from distant stars and galaxies is redshifted by source and destination gravity. The redshift is not a doppler event, there is no big bang, the universe is static.

  1. Expansion and big bang violate gravity acting on mass. Continually increasing the velocity of departure without any internal motive force violates physics rules.
  2. Gravity radiates from masses via 1/R2 just as does brightness and thus reaches earth from all visible stars. Yet no formula has been devised for summing up long term gravity. Using the Schwartzchild local formula for redshift is misleading.
  3. Blue shift of light occurs for light incoming to a receiving mass because the beam velocity is gravitationally accelerated. The observer sees a higher frequency. Upon initial inspection this 1 body event confuses thoughts about gravitational redshift. One must also accept small changes in the speed of light.
  4. In the two body system, light between equal masses is slowed by the source then accelerated by the destination so the final velocity is unchanged. Meanwhile adjacent photons are continually stretched creating cosmological redshift. The source continues to pull more on the second photon which the destination pulls more on the first photon.
  5. Cosmological redshift due to gravity answers the many Doppler conflicts with otherwise measured distances. The measure of gravitational redshift must depend on both distance and the mass of the source. Current theoretical Doppler cosmological redshift only can vary by distance.
  6. Especially long periods of light transmission cause frequency shifting beyond the red and infrared. The result is the microwave background. This satisfies Olber's suggestion of fully lighted nighttime sky.