Dan A Davidson

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Dan A. Davidson
Dan A. Davidson
Residence Miracle Valley, AZ, United States
Nationality USA
Known for Resonance, Free Energy, Gravity
Scientific career
Fields Electrical Engineer, Mathematician

Dan A. Davidson has degrees in electronics and mathematics. He does research on free energy and anti-gravity and several other areas of alternative science. He has published many papers on his research. Currently he has a working anti-gravity experiment based on his discoveries in gravitation. - Amazon

Mr. Davidson has been doing research in gravitational physics, free energy systems, and electronic medicine for over 35 years. He has concentrated his research efforts in understanding the nature of energy and how it relates to the forces of gravity, electricity and magnetism. Over the years of research he has witnessed and collected many fascinating stories of well documented bizarre incidents that point to a new understanding of science. He believes that the scientific community is in the process of developing a new paradigm in our understanding of nature which will radically change the physical sciences. His degrees in mathematics and electrical engineering have provided a basis to relate orthodox science concepts to advanced experimental research. Mr. Davidson is a strong advocate of experimentation and always backs up his theory with actual working experiments and publishes experimentally verified information.

Dan founded Realistic Inspired Vital Appropriate Solutions (RIVAS) Publishing, the publishing company for his books, dedicated to promoting new energy research. RIVAS, PO Box 1090, Sierra Vista, AZ 85636.

He also founded Auric Water Enterprises, LLC, which hosts two websites: [/www.MasterPowerFlame.com www.MasterPowerFlame.com] and www.ElohimFireDescend.com, and can be contacted via AuricWaterEnterprises@gmail.com or MasterPowerFlame@gmail.com