Dark Energy Mystery Solved by Big Breed Theory!

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Scientific Paper
Title Dark Energy Mystery Solved by Big Breed Theory!
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Author(s) Ron Pearson
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Published 2011
Journal Proceedings of the NPA
Volume 8
No. of pages 7
Pages 437-443

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Cosmologists posit Dark Energy as a mysterious ?something' that permeates the universe to explain an unexpected finding by astronomers. They discovered in 1998 that the expansion of the universe is speeding up when all cosmologists thought it was slowing down. A unique approach provides a solution to the mystery that has baffled theorists, worldwide, ever since. The solution starts from the established Big Bang theory that purports to explain the origin of the universe from the void of nothing. Unfortunately that theory makes a hopelessly wrong prediction for the rate of expansion of the universe that is many billions of times too high. The reason was lost expertise that had caused flawed logic to be used. The hope is that, by providing a sound solution, lost expertise will be returned to its original source. Amazingly the ?opposed energy dynamics' that provided a solution to this major so-called ?problem of the cosmological constant' also predicted the accelerating expansion. It had solved the Dark Energy Mystery as a spin-off extra! (And nobody else has provided a solution to even the main problem as yet!)

Expansion adds a new massive extra red shift of starlight resulting in greatly reduced estimates for velocities of recession. For the first time this also enables the size of the universe to be predicted. One of the proposals for new research is of Nobel Prize potential. It is a super-computer study expected to confirm the self-organizing power of energy-fed chaos in a mix of positive and negative energies.