Earth?s Electrodynamic Environment

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Scientific Paper
Title Earth?s Electrodynamic Environment
Author(s) Leslee A Kulba
Keywords atmospheric electricity, aurora, cosmic rays, earth?s magnetic field, interplanetary magnetic field, ionosphere, lightning, magnetosphere, solar wind, space weather, substorms, sunspots, Van Allen bel
Published 2002
Journal Electric Spacecraft Journal
Number 34
No. of pages 32
Pages entire issue


Lightning storms and aurorae are evidence of electricity in the atmosphere. Electrodynamic phenomena, however, are constantly acting in earth?s atmosphere, and throughout the cosmos. Magnetic fields from dynamos of uncertain mechanism, acting beneath the surfaces of stars and planets, entrain the vast quantities of charged particles which permeate space. The paths of these particles are complexified by currents set up by their motion, and in opposition to their motion; as well as the rotations and revolutions of heavenly bodies with respect to each other. Fluctuating patterns emerge as superimposed fields establish equilibrium with each other. Much of the current theory about the shells within shells of interactive electromagnetic fields in the galaxy has been inferred from broadband spectral observations and particle counts taken on space missions. Working from the terrestrial surface toward the outer reaches of the galaxy, this special issue of the Electric Spacecraft Journal will present an overview of the earth?s large-scale electrodynamic environment as it is currently understood.