Einstein's Light Speed Postulate is Illogical

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Scientific Paper
Title Einstein\'s Light Speed Postulate is Illogical
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Author(s) Hartwig Wolfgang Thim
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Published 2010
Journal Proceedings of the NPA
Volume 7
No. of pages 4
Pages 581-582

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Einstein postulated in his 1905 article that light speed is isotropic in all inertial frames in order to derive the Lorentz Transformations. But the light speed postulate is logically wrong for the following reason: suppose, a short light pulse is emitted from a source mounted, say, in the origin of the coordinate system K, which is at rest. A coordinate system K' is moving at v in the x-direction. At the moment, when the origins of both K and K' are coinciding, one spherical wave front is lounged at the origin of K. This means that there will be one spherical wave-front expanding around the origin of K, because the origin of K' moves away at v. But the Lorentz Transformations transform this pulse (lounged in K) into a wave-front spherically expanding in K', although there cannot be such a spherically expanding wave-front around the origin of K'. How could there be one, as only one spherically expanding wave-front was generated around the origin of K, where the emitter is mounted! K' moves away at v, without carrying with it a spherically expanding wave front at the origin of K'. But the Lorentz transformation equations are predicting that! This cannot be correct! It is logically impossible!