Electrogravitational Coupling: Empirical and Theoretical Arguments

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Scientific Paper
Title Electrogravitational Coupling: Empirical and Theoretical Arguments
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Author(s) Toivo Jaakkola
Keywords Electrogravitational, Coupling
Published 1991
Journal Apeiron
Volume 1
Number 9-10
No. of pages 6
Pages 76-90

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In a cosmological approach to a unified physical theory, it is first shown that certain general global-scale arguments suggest a coupling of the electromagnetic and gravitational nteractions. Three historically important and still actual issues further motivate the study. Several more recent and still unexplained observations are introduced as evidence that neither electromagnetic nor gravitational phenomena can be interpreted consistently by the current standard theories, and as indicators of the important role of the EGC in the physics of all scales of nature.

The universal redshift effect, containing the cosmological redshift, intrinsic redshifts in QSOs and intermediate strengths of z depending on the density of a system, is interpreted as a quantized loss of energy from the photon to a vacuum composed of gravitational quanta. The model covers consistently all the observed features of redshift, including its quantized fine-structure, observed both in distant-dependent and distance independent redshifts.