Empirical Evidence on the Creation of Galaxies and Quasars

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Scientific Paper
Title Empirical Evidence on the Creation of Galaxies and Quasars
Author(s) Halton C Arp
Keywords creation, galaxies, quasars, extragalactic objects, string theory, quantization values
Published 1993
Journal None
Pages 1-11


Simply the arrangement on the sky of extragalactic objects has long shown that the youngest, smallest quasars and compact galaxies have been created recently in the vicinity of older progenitor galaxies. Now high energy observations in X-rays and y-rays confirm these connections and require the creation of matter as an ongoing process marked by an initially high intrinsic redshift.

The nearest superclusters of galaxies show creation along lines in space originating from the central, ejecting galaxy. String theory may be pertinent. The existence of preferred values of redshift (periodicity) rule out, again, an expanding universe. Thet also imply quantum mechanical effects at the m = 0 creation points of particulate matter. No theory has been advanced, however, which numerically predicts the quantization values.