Energy Evolution (Eco-Technology Series, Volume 4)

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Energy Evolution (Eco-Technology Series, Volume 4)
Energy Evolution (Eco-Technology Series, Volume 4) 855.jpg
Author Viktor Schauberger, Callum Coats
Published 2001
Publisher Gateway
Pages 160
ISBN 1858600618

Nature produces energy by slow, cool, implosive means - by a centripetal inward motion, while our present culture uses explosive centrifugal (outwards) movement, which is wasteful and many times less powerful and effective. It also uses up the Earth's resources and pollutes her ecosystems. This volume describes different kinds of energy machines which depend on the principle of implosion: - a spring water-producing machine - a tornado home energy generator - a Klimator which produces mountain-quality air - the biotechnical submarine - a technique for producing power from ocean deeps - a flying saucer prototype which rose at fantastic speed to high altitudes - a perpetual motion suction-based implosion machine Other books by Viktor Schauberger The Fertile Earth Nature as Teacher The Water Wizard.

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