Energy from Space?

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Scientific Paper
Title Energy from Space?
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Author(s) Louis Essen
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Published 1981
Journal Wireless World
Number June
No. of pages 1
Pages 48

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I enjoyed reading M. G. Wellard's "Appreciation of James Clerk Maxwell" (March issue) with his penetrating analysis of modern theoretical physics. The criticisms he makes in a general way were clearly in Vallee's mind when he developed his uniform field theory referred to in my earlier article (October 1978 issue). Vallee starts with a model of space and, in view of the obvious presence of various forms of electromagnetic waves, he makes the assumption that all the energy in space, including, gravitational energy, is in an electromagnetic form. Realising too that the mathematical equation relating to the waves are continuous and that the superposition of waves would eventually lead to infinite values of the field, he postulates that then: is an upper limit of field at which the properties of space alter so as to prevent any further increase...