Energy from the Vacuum: Concepts and Principles

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Energy from the Vacuum: Concepts and Principles
Energy from the Vacuum: Concepts and Principles 708.jpg
Author Tom Bearden
Published 2002/2004
Publisher Cheniere Press
Pages 977
ISBN 0972514600

Energy from the Vacuum is the culmination of 30 years of original thinking and looking with fresh eyes at concepts that are presently considered to be foundations of science?a process of on-going analysis long ago recommended by Albert Einstein. Dr. Bearden?s findings are good news, for his theories point the way to the extraction and harnessing of inexhaustible clean energy from the vacuum.

With the development and ubiquitous deployment of free-energy mechanisms, the strategic vulnerabilities of centralized power systems can be eradicated, and the run-away degradation of the biosphere reversed.  And there is suddenly a viable antidote for the perpetual poverty of under-developed nations.

Also contained in this book are the true stories of inventors who, over the past 150 years, have pioneered some of these processes?and their secrets. Dr. Bearden rigorously analyzes more than 40 embodiments that can produce this free energy, including some capable of investigation at the high-school level.

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