Field-Force Acceleration Using Type II Superconductor

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Scientific Paper
Title Field-Force Acceleration Using Type II Superconductor
Author(s) Glen A Robertson
Keywords Propulsion
Published 2003
Journal American Journal of Physics
Volume AIP CP654
No. of pages 4
Pages 968-971


It has been shown (Robertson, 2002) that an electromagnetic force density model can predict the experimental gravity like force data reported by Podkletnov (1992, 1997, & 2001). In this paper, it is suggested that the gravitational field-force generated by the superconductor on a test sample would affect the superconductor in a similar manner. Given this assumption, the expected maximum velocity obtainable would be proportional to the applied or induced magnetic field and inversely proportional to the density of the shielded mass, which includes the superconductor. Whereby very large magnetic fields would be required to achieve reasonable velocities for large space vehicles.</p></span></span>