Field Structure Theory, Part 2: Skew Geometry

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Scientific Paper
Title Field Structure Theory, Part 2: Skew Geometry
Author(s) Don Briddell
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Published 2007
Journal Proceedings of the NPA
Volume 4
Number 1
Pages 96


In the 2005, the skew geometry of Field Structures was presented for the first time to the NPA audience and further elaborated upon at the 2006 meeting. This 2007 presentation of FST will look in detail into the way action loops interact to produce three-dimensional structures. FST proposes that structure is a field concept. FST proposes that there is a deterministic structure to physical reality and the unit structure is an action loops. These action units build a universe starting at events at 10-35 meters. The fascinating aspect of this hierarchy is that it is done entirely with action loops and nothing else and that this structural hierarchy can be modeled at our scale of experience. What we think of and experience of as 3-D form, is the end result of lesser organizations of action loops that have been twisted and folded so that they become the circuitry for the higher dimensional platforms of structure. A hierarchy of structural geometry is produced using only loops of action that build fractally, synergetically, and in a continuum. The working 3-D models that will be shown reproduce at the mencroscale (human scale) what is believed to be the same architecture hierarchy employed by nature to build particles, atoms, molecules, etc. The ability of FST to produce a Particle Hierarchy Chart that predicts and explains the mass/energy values of fundamental particles is offered in Part One to validates this assertion. This presentation (Part Two) of skew geometry reveals some hidden truths about the nature of structure that are so revolutionary as to demand a reevaluation of what structure is all about. These structural principles are found to apply universally to all physical structures. Skew geometry will show us why and how our universe is structurally integrated, and interactive.