Field Structure Theory (FST)

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Scientific Paper
Title Field Structure Theory (FST)
Author(s) Don Briddell
Keywords nucleated wave structures, field structures, absolute action matrix
Published 2005
Journal None


Based on the discovery of a new class of forms involving the organization of action loop(s) into circuited three-dimensional nucleated wave structures with promising applications to physics. A new class of form and structure has been discovered, here called ?Field Structures?, that offer a promising new way to model (and think about) the nature of fields. Considering action to be a line (path) of force, and searching for the ways a line of force may express itself, it was found that when the edges of any polyhedra are skewed at their vertices so that the edge lines do not intersect (but rather interact) and these edges are then continued to distal edges, continuous loops of action result. In the process, these loops of action twist, torque, spin, and knot into a standing waves that form a spatial volumetric polyhedral events having prominent mass-like characteristics while at the same time retaining their energetic natures. Push-pull and twist forces are modeled, which have radiant (boson) and stable (fermion) forms of structures. The mechanics of bonding, chirality, at the particle, atomic and molecular level has been productively explored and will be demonstrated. These structures are then used to build fractal hierarchies of action (energy) fields that correspond to primary physical forms. These structures, for the first time, behave as a field while expressing the fundamentals of a particle, resolving the long-standing and vexing mechanical dichotomy between particle and wave. This paper will outline the basics of Field Structures and then explore how these forms are useful for understanding the physics of the natural world. It will conclude by suggesting that the problem with physics is systemic. By having the correct model of how action arises, structures itself, and produces structure, it will be possible to follow the model incrementally and accurately up towards the solar, galactic and beyond, and down the scale of form and structure, from our familiar organic scale of structure, to the molecular, atomic, particle, and ultimately to the Absolute Action Matrix itself (the action plenum). A PowerPoint slide presentation will be accompanied by working models of Field Structures.