Fitzpatrick's Theory of Everything

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Fitzpatrick\'s Theory of Everything
Author Daniel P Fitzpatrick
Published 2000

In this you will see the universe's building principle Chapters:

  1. Why can't anyone give us a Theory of Everything?
  2. What went wrong
  3. One more even worse problem
  4. Local gauge invariance
  5. Fitzpatrick's "A" laws
  6. Chemical Bonding
  7. Einstein's cosmological constant; the electron's charge and a bit more
  8. Ferromagnetism
  9. The big picture
  10. Gravity and the "bad quarter"
  11. Transformers, motors & generators
  12. Various other forms of magnetism
  13. Inertia & angular momentum
  14. Steady-State plus de Broglie
  15. Proof of Einstein's principle of equivalence using the "A" Laws
  16. Light & Planck's constant
  17. Einstein's gravity wave prediction
  18. Space-time & Who are you?
  19. Einstein called this his "Biggest Blunder".
  20. Tiny Clusters of Matter
  21. Summing this all up
  22. Getting away from the subject