Have You Done Experiments in Fluid Mechanics Lately?

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Scientific Paper
Title Have You Done Experiments in Fluid Mechanics Lately?
Author(s) Ionel Dinu
Keywords aether, fluid mechanics, gravitation, inertia, magnetism, electricity, optics
Published 2009
Journal None


The purpose of this work is to draw attention to a rather neglected field of scientific study: fluid mechanics. Although it may seem of no great importance to many investigators, on a close scrutiny it turns out to be the keystone in the understanding of the physical world. For, if you consider that light is a wave propagated by the aether, then it follows that material objects move through this fluid and are permeated by it. And it also follows that magnetic, electric, gravitational and inertial phenomena have something to do with the fluid dynamical behavior of the aether. The extent to which the aether is involved in these phenomena will be shown in the present study. A better understanding of this work requires some familiarity with the often counterintuitive effects observed in fluid media. Therefore, may I ask you: Have you done experiments in fluid mechanics lately?