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Henry C. Monteith
Henry C. Monteith
Born (1937-05-10)May 10, 1937
Residence Savannah, GA, United States
Nationality USA

Dr. Henry Monteith was deeply inspired by nature as a youthful farmer. He learned the physical structure of the universe by studying Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Physics and Mathematics. He realized the spiritual nature of man by studying history, religion, and parapsychology and evolved himself through an awesome spectrum of sublime experiences in the agony and ecstacy of life. He received his BS degree in Electrical Engineering from the Milwaukee School of Engineering in 1967. He received his MS degree in Computer Science from the University of New Mexico in 1970. He received his Ph.D. in Engineering Physics from the University of New Mexico in 1975. From November 1967 until November 1988 he was employed by the Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, New Mexico as a Mathematical Computer Programmer, Nuclear Field Engineer and Instructor for the Department of Energy. During his 21 years of employment at Sandia National Laboratories, he continuously taught theoretical and applied mathematics to the laboratory's scientifically trained employees.

From August 1990 to March 1992, he was an Electronics Instructor for the ITT Technical Institute in Albuquerque, New Mexico. From August 1992 to August 1993 he taught High School Mathematics at the Albuquerque Academy. Finally from August 1993 to December 2003 he was an instructor of mathematics for Eastern New Mexico University in Roswell, New Mexico. Erika Monteith initially studied in the cellars and bunkers of war torn Germany with bombs falling. She gained admittance to the Heidelberg Music-Conservatory and received a Master's degree as a Pianist and Pedagogue in Music from Germany. Erika has more than 50 years of experience as a professional musician, entertainer, and music teacher throughout Europe. She established and ran a music school in Germany for over 18 years with special attention being paid to students with disabilities. She has fully comprehended the extreme importance of music in the physical, mental and spiritual development of children. Consequently, she created new approaches to teaching music and pioneered ways to interchange, transform, and adapt classical music to modern music.

Erika's fantastic life spans the entire spectrum of human experience from the agonizing pain, horror, and suffering of genocidal war through life-threatening diseases and physiological defects, to the splendid joy of highly evolved soul-mate union to the awesome bliss of Cosmic Consciousness embraced by the Light and Love of the Eternal Essence. When Henry and Erika finally found each other and began to culminate their glorious soul-mate union in 1999, they realized, to their amazement, that Erika's intuitive music was feminine, and Henry's intellectual mathematics was masculine; thus, they were soul-mates and became married as ?one' with their union.

Therefore, when Henry's 50 years of experience in teaching and applying mathematics, combined with continuous thought and meditation upon the lessons learned from those experiences, and Erika's 50 years of experience in teaching and applying music as an entertainer associated with equal thought and meditation, were combined into one, their mental and spiritual development was sufficient to enable them to formulate the ultimate language with which the entire physical, mental, and spiritual structure of the Cosmos could be described, written and explained. Indeed, they have formulated the ultimate language for the evolution of the human spirit. From moment to delightful moment, they are now experiencing the awesome bliss of communicating with the Cosmic Consciousness using this wonderful language which they presently refer to as Unified Geometric Mathematics Resonating the Cosmic Octave.

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Soulmate Cosmological Action delineates the Life Path followed by soulmates, through many lifetimes, that enables them to contribute uniquely to the evolution of the Spiritual Consciousness of the Cosmos. It culminates their union while developing their personal Cosmology to a level of awareness that is acceptable to the Eternal Unknown Essence (Yahweh) that centers and enfolds all things. It describes the universality of soulmate interaction, which creates all things, and how it is modeled by the Octave of Music that is itself theoretically derived from the double harmonic ratio of Projective Geometry. It implies that children can be most effectively developed, mentally and spiritually, by teaching them the cosmic essence of music, geometrical mathematics, physical and spiritual science simultaneously. Through it, soulmates ask and answer questions that are relevant to their past, present and future lives and directs their aspirations toward obtaining the Blissful Oneness of Cosmic Consciousness.


In order to stimulate our audience to begin thinking and meditating upon the many deep concepts that we are presenting, our lectures will be conducted in a discussion format in which questions will be allowed. We are dealing with the Evolution of Dual-Sexed Pairs at all levels of the physical, mental, and spiritual expressions of life, a process that is far from trivial and which, takes place on the Tine Line of Eternity! Clearly define and describe the three great Cosmic Laws that inspire, control and coordinate the entire process of mankind's awesome physical, mental and spiritual evolution:


Introduce the creation concept that our entire Living Universe and all of the processes of Spiritual Evolution that are unfolding within it, are nothing more than the effects of infinitely diversified Light Action that is generated by divided soulmate-pairs relentlessly evolving toward finding each other again and culminating their union into the awesome bliss of Cosmic Oneness. Stimulate awareness of Yahweh, the unknowable cause, that is boundless and beyond all thought; who created the Cosmos as a finite and perceivable representation of Itself. Thus, soulmate pairs can only evolve toward Oneness with Yahweh by observing, experiencing, and living in awe and wonder of Its sublime Cosmos. Show that Diversity is a foundation stone of spiritual evolution in nature because only through diversity can experience be maximized and consciousness reach its pinnacle through the development of Cosmic Awareness. Stress the evolutionary responsibility of each and every soulmate pair to evolve in consciousness and awareness by developing their person and unique cosmology. This can only be done by meditating and contemplating to obtain understanding from knowledge that has been accumulated through countless incarnations while experiencing the agony and ecstacy of living. You can never truly praise, honor and glorify that which you do not understand!! Show that Mathematics and Music are soulmates. Indeed, that mathematics is not only the language of natural physical science but of spiritual science as well! Derive the great law of ?Giving and Re-giving' from basic arithmetic and show that ?Taking and Re-taking' is the only so-called evil and ?Giving and Re-giving' is the only so-called ?good'.

Show that the concept of gender must be explicitly integrated into the structure of mathematics before it can be unified and married with music. Describe how Masculine Unified Geometrical Mathematics is married to Feminine Unified Mathematics of Vibratory Harmony to create a powerful Universal Language that enables each and every soulmate pair to thoroughly describe and apply their Personal Cosmology. In lectures to more advanced groups, we will show that the duality inherent in complete geometrical structural components, such as the complete quadrilateral, reveals their awesome beauty, specifies their gender-conditioned parts, and suggest how they interact harmoniously. Indeed, the duality in the structure of points, lines, and planes directly suggest the wave-particle duality of Quantum Mechanics and, of course, the music of the spheres. We will report the state of progress being made by our project to reformulate, redefine, and restructure all geometrical mathematics to include the evolutionary action forces that are generated by the harmonic interchange of energy between dual-sexed-pairs that are balanced and centered by the neutral action points of the Cosmic Essence. Using our new Universal Language of Soulmate Cosmology, we will set forth the conjecture that the awesome ethereal sea of Cosmic Life Energy is hyper-dimensional, projected by thought, and controlled by harmonic vibrations that are reticulated into the musical octave. Erika Monteith, a highly accomplished pianist, music teacher, and spiritual philosopher, will spontaneously create and improvise the Music of the Cosmic Spheres under the direct inspiration of her Spirit while experiencing the blissful Oneness of Yahweh's awesome Love and Light. The expression of her wonderful music will inspire the audience to realize that awesome healing powers are available through it.

We will show that the development of our new Universal Language of Soulmate Cosmology will result in the creation of ideal teaching and learning methods for the children of the future. It will enable highly evolved educators to teach their students music, math, physical science and spiritual science simultaneously thereby developing them physically, mentally and spiritually to the highest levels possible under the constraints of evolution in the material world. Throughout our lectures we will always be emphasizing the eternal fact that the obtainment of knowledge, and the extraction of wisdom and understanding from that knowledge by deep meditation and contemplation under the guidance of Yahweh, the Eternal Cosmic Essence, is the only possible way to accelerate the rate of human spiritual evolution and to rise up from the darkness of materialism to the light of spirituality. Knowledge may be transferred from one soulmate pair to another but wisdom and understanding can never be transferred or given as a gift. Indeed, only those who ?understand' the Cosmos can truly appreciate and fully experience the beauty, awe and wonder of it and, by doing so, ultimately fulfill the purpose for which they were created.


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