Ionel Dinu

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Ionel Dinu
Ionel Dinu
Born (1972-06-01)June 1, 1972
Residence Focsani, Vrancea, Romania
Nationality Romanian
Known for Aether, inertia, gravitation, electrodynamics, chemical bond
Scientific career
Fields Physicist, Teacher

Ionel Dinus is a Romanian scientist and experimentalist who is best known for his underwater experiments with rotating disks and cylinders showing a possible mechanical model for magnetism.

Scientific Work

Published original studies on gravitation, inertia, electrodynamics, optics. Found the explanation of Oersted effect (1) and the origin of Ampere's force (1,3), explained the nature of gravitation (2),  explained the origin of inertia as a hydrodynamical effect in the aether (4), cleared the significance and the meaning of mass as the quantity of matter in an object and found that it should be expressed in units of volume (4), proposed a return to a picture of light as a longitudinal wave of compression in the liquid aether (5). Proposed the replacement of the term "polarized light" with the term "light beam in a Huygens state" because the former is a misnomer as even the mainstream science does not recognize the existence of any poles in a beam of light.

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The most recent achievement is the conjecture (6) that the photoelectric effect is a Faraday effect of electromagnetic induction occurring at the surface of the illuminated metal. 

   (6). "Radio Waves : Part III - The Photoelectric Effect", General Science Journal, Jun. 27, 2013.

Current Interests and Activities

i) performing experiments with the aim of showing that the electrostatic, magnetic and gravitational attractions and repulsions are in fact fluid mechanical effects in the liquid aether: electrostatic and gravitational forces correspond to Bjerknes forces in the aether and the magnetic attractions and repulsions occur between vortices in the aether. Watch the latest observations regarding magnetism and (aether) hydrodynamics in an YouTube video titled "Ionel DINU - Unravelling the NATURE of the MAGNETIC Field" ( );

ii) developing a theory of light as a longitudinal wave of compression in the liquid aether; accounting for the optical phenomena discovered by Malus and those of double refraction in a manner consistent with the picture of light as a longitudinal wave of compression in the liquid aether;

iii) developing a theory of the refractive index of glasses;

iv) developing a new atomic theory that accounts for the atomic spectral lines of emission in terms of the normal modes of mechanical vibration of atoms viewed as solid structures existing in the liquid aether.

Because the development of the theory of the aether happens gradually, a comprehensive work containing both the previous and the new findings is made available once in a while. The last such work is: "Rudiments of a Theory of the Aether", General Science Journal, Mar. 22, 2010.


  • 1995: Graduated Faculty of Physics, University of Bucharest - Dept. of Theoretical Physics; B.Sc. degree
  • 2000: Graduated Faculty of Physics, Tohoku University - Graduate School, Photoelectron Spectroscopy and Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory (ARPES); M.Sc. degree
  • 2004: Founded NYSICS Central Co. Ltd., a research and development company; the activity ended in 2008
  • 2008: Research on the fundaments of physics and teaching