Jan Koziar

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Jan Koziar
Jan Koziar
Born 1943
Residence Wroclaw, Poland
Nationality Polish
Known for Expansion Tectonics
Scientific career
Fields Geology

Jan Koziar is a Polish geologist who is known for his work in expansion tectonics. He is active in trying to measure and acquire data for the radius of the earth at it's equator including theoretical and measured values.


  • University of Wroclaw, Faculty of Natural Sciences in Geology (1966)


Jan Koziar was born in 1943, Wola Mielecka, Poland (then occupied by the Germans). Graduated from the University of Wroclaw - Faculty of Natural Sciences in geology (1966). Then hired as a researcher-lecturer at the Institute of Geological Sciences, University of Wrocław. From 1970 he began to develop the expanding Earth theory. Removed from the university for political reasons in 1982. Returned to work in 1989, working still in the field of geotectonics. In 2001 – 2008 he gave the course lectures “Expanding Earth with basic geotectonics”. Retired in 2008, Koziar continues researching into the Expanding Earth theory in Wrocław, where he established the Wrocław Geotectonic Laboratory.

Current Scientific Work

Koziar's current work can be found on his website and he is currently planning to write three books including:

  1. Geological proofs ofthe expansion of the Earth
  2. Tensional development of intra-continental fold belts. Part I. Mechanism
  3. Tensional development of intra-continental fold belts Part II. Regional examples